Why choose VCA?

Hello, My name is Marcia Carter and I'm the Principal at Victory Christian Academy. Thank you for your interest in our school.  Here at Victory Christian Academy we offer the highest in academics in a safe and loving atmosphere. We employ qualified Christian teachers who are not only concerned about their students' academic needs, but their spiritual needs as well.


 We use a very high phonetic-based curriculum for our early learners.  It has been proven that if a child can read and comprehend well, they are likely to excel in all academic areas. However, all children learn and progress at different levels.  That is why we incorporate an individualized system of one-on-one learning. Using this type of system, allows the gifted and advanced student to thrive. It also builds confidence in the student who may require more time in obtaining the skills necessary to become a successful learner. We provide an environment where your child can not only achieve academically, but also in which they can become what God desires him or her to be.

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