The leadership of Victory Christian Academy will measure success against the following goals maintained and goal to be implemented.

Student Social/Spiritual Life

•     Students have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

•     Students are intentionally placed into discipleship groups.

•     Students are equipped with Biblical knowledge and a Christian worldview.

•     Students are given opportunities and obligations to serve others.

•     Christ is the standard for how others are seen and decisions are made.


•     Enhance curricular offerings to expand student opportunities

•     Integrate technology and the student’s ability to manage information

•     Initiate a giving program that facilitates diverse scholarship programs

  • Develop a comprehensive arts program


•      All classrooms will have the technical capacity, staffing and equipment to meet academic goals.

•      Teachers will implement the development of digital-age skills within classroom instruction.

•      Students will expand their technology resources in learning opportunities.

Property & Facilities

•      Maintain and steward existing facilities to meet the needs of the students

•      Provide new classroom space as enrollment dictates

•      Secure funding and land for gymnasium


  •  Provide opportunities for staff in areas of career, personal, and spiritual growth.


 Victory Christian Academy is committed to partnering with Christian families and local churches who embrace the values of the school.  We teach from a distinctively Biblical worldview, believing the Bible is the foundation upon which all education rests.  VCA students learn and rely upon the Word of God.  Our graduates know, and can defend, what they believe and why they believe it. VCA has graduated individuals who have gone on to become teachers, musicians, counselors, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and much, much more. The education that students receive at VCA is founded on the Word of God. With a foundation like that, students can achieve beyond their wildest dreams.


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